Hello Trader!

This is the speaker agreement for all Woodford Wealth, LLC events.

Our events are held in GoToWebinar. Let us know if you need a demo of how this platform works prior to the event.

About a week before the event, we will send you email copy with your registration link that tracks the traffic you send. Please make space on your calendar prior to the event to promote it.

All speaker presentations are one hour and will begin at the top of the hour. We suggest 35-45 minutes of educational content with a soft pitch at the end of the education so you will have ample time for Q & A.

Let us know if you have any questions.  We’re happy to have you speak on our event!

The terms of this agreement are as follows:

  • You promote a minimum of 2 times prior to the event, however, the more leads you send the more you get back!
  • Lead Commitment Minimum: 250; Lead Share: 250+ (3:1)
  • You create an offer link that has Woodford Wealth tagged as the affiliate at 30% payout on a 90 day cookie.
  • Your offer link and PowerPoint slides must be delivered one week prior to the event. If not received within 48 hours of event, you may be replaced.
  • Posting FREE OFFERS or posting your EMAIL ADDRESS during your presentation is prohibited.
  • All sales from products purchased during event and thereafter apply to every registered lead; even if lead came from speaker’s list(s).
  • We send a post-webinar email to our list with the webinar replays and your offer link on the replay page and suggest you do as well.
  • Payments must be made to Woodford Wealth on the following schedule: 30/60/90 days after event.
  • Payments can be paid to support@woodfordwealth.com using PayPal or to Woodford Wealth, LLC, 2009 Carter Ct, Versailles, KY 40383 via check.

Please send the following:

The Woodford Wealth Team